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Together with our IT provider “IntellectEU” we solve problems by offering solutions based on blockchain technology.
Currently, two unique products have been developed and launched onto the market.

Buck-e in collaboration with Flow Pilots


A mobility solution which incentivizes children to go to school by bicycle or on foot.
This digital platform enables pupils from municipal schools to receive a ‘digital currency’ each time they walk or cycle to school.


An IoT device is installed on the bicycle of the children or on their key ring. Each time they arrive at school, the journey is measured and a digital currency is attributed.

The children can use this currency at the fair, at the swimming pool or for other local activities.




This reward system aims to encourage children to contribute towards sustainable mobility and improved air quality in the area around their school.

The system uses blockchain technology to safely record and transact the digital coins . A dashboard enables the schools and local authorities to see how many kilometers the children have covered and the quantity of CO2 emissions avoided as a result.

Local currency as-a-service


The Studio has created  a local currency platform which enables cities and countries to build more resilient communities.

We believe that local currencies, levaraged by new technologies such as mobile applications, are a strong means to shape policy for local governments, complementary to fiat money.

Our mission is to add value to society by connecting citizens and making them part of a story.

Encouraging short food channels, stimulating the local economy or providing hospitalized people with a social network are just a few examples.



1. Digital toolkit

We offer digital applications to citizens, merchants and local government. These applications can serve a multitude of purposes such asfacilitating payments, communication, or the set-up of incentivation activities to name a few…

Gamification is embedded in our applications because we believe that it is at least as important as the incentive itself. We offer our digital tools as a plug and play, brandable-on-demand software as a service package. We take care of the IT infrastructure, legal framework and financial adminstration.

Recordkeeping of the digital currencies is done by blockchain technology, unlocking its real value as the ecosystem grows.    


2. Bootstrap your ecosystem

Besides the technical part, we like to support local governments in selecting meaningful use-cases and formulating an implementation approach supported by a sustainable business model.

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